Is it Time for Assisted Living?

Knowing when it's time for assisted living can be tricky, and it's easy to second guess yourself on whether a move is necessary. These sometimes subtle signs can mean that extra help would be beneficial for your loved one. 

Fellowship Home-1016Lacking Interest or Motivation: This can easily go unnoticed, so be sure to actively notice whether Mom's interests remain the same. Does she still participate in activities she enjoys? 

Personal Appearance & Hygiene are Lacking: For some, daily hygiene tasks become laborsome and begin to go undone. Does Dad skip too many days between showers or have trouble remembering to comb his hair without being reminded? 


Weight Loss or Lack of Appetite: One benefit of assisted living communities is having a team of caregivers serving each resident. Healthy (and delicious) meals are prepared and residents' weights are regularly documented. If you're noticing your loved one isn't eating a balanced diet or that his/her weight is declining, it's likely time to reach out for assistance. 

Difficulty Managing Medications: Taking medicine as prescribed is vitally important for overall health and well-being. If doses are being skipped, forgotten, or are being taken more than prescribed, it's time to reach out. Nurses and certified medication aides ensure that everyone in an assisted living community receives correct doses of medications at prescribed intervals. 

These are a few main signs that can be watched for, but there are many more. Loneliness, trouble getting around, noticeable disorganization, simple tasks becoming difficult chores, and no longer being able to drive are other signals that it may be time for a change.

For more information on the benefits of assisted living or on whether it's appropriate for your situation, contact us today!

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